Welcome to our Little Corner Given to us by God

This is the place where you can call home to learn how to develop your Spiritual growth

and perform inner healing within yourself.

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This is the Place you can call home; Where you will learn how to Develop your Spiritual Growth and Perform Inner Healing. 

Through the word of Jesus Lord God, we help to heal your ailments with your own faith and prayer; for he has died for us and e are here to pass his word of faith. For whom ever believes in his faith, shall receive his glory.

The true sense of healing oneself, starts within yourself......

There are many different interpretations as to what exactly a chakra is. The common system, is a subtle form of the energy of a body along with energetic channels. They are located along a central Nadis, which runs either alongside or inside the spine. Chakras are believed to be a center of activity that receives, assimilates, and expresses life force energy; which we would consider to be the six "vital life" called prana. Please visit our Chakras Link for more detailed information.

The picture to the right, shows a face of Jesus, which stopped this tree from being cut down. The landscaper was told to cut all the trees down and when he came across this tree, he was able to see the image. He called the owner of the land to come down to see what he saw and the owner then refused to cut down the tree. 

One of God's many ways in which he sends his messages to us on earth is through signs. But, with out the belief of God we would not have this picture of the image on this tree. To this day, the tree still stands tall for all to see. 

With faith we can achieve that inner peace that we have been looking for. With the Lord Jesus Christ as our savior we can find a path to a open hearted loving way for our souls to bear. Enlightment is just the beginning of this beautiful path.

There are various forms of learning how to re-connect and discover what we are truly meant to do as God's plan. With prayer and faith we perform energy healing. We also introduce you to a higher state of consciousness with in yourself. With the alignment of your inner chakras, we are then ready to step into the next level of self healing.


"Only Good can come from Good"