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Perception of the truth

Posted by JOSEPH AGOSTINELLO on February 27, 2012 at 10:40 AM

Perception of the truth and where you stand,


It amazes me how people only see what they want to see, feel what they want to feel, ignore what they shouldn’t ignore and makes excuse for the things that don’t have no excuse for.

We are born and showed how we should act, behave and respect as they where shown the same and so on and so on. In that exchange we have lost a big part from where we all come from God!


So why, when god touches and heals you have to disbelieve, but in your world you speak of your thoughts of words and believe in his name “Jesus lord God”

So why, point fingers in something you don’t understand but make a excuses for your truth within yourself for your sins at hand.

So why, do you walk the path of light but run away when Gods light touches the toes of your feet.

So why, do you say you love your family as you full your pockets with their warm hearts to only watch the love fall to the ground for your pockets are already full.

So why, do You say you have a loving home with open doors for all to share but look for something more

So why, do look to take more then you need to only find you have no room to keep what you have

So why, do you seek in your Gods voice to only walk away with no thought to what was said.

So why, do you say you like to give to only have one hand out and the other behind your back


So why, I say to you! Why live life unhappy! To only hope one day you can help change your love ones when they seek no change within themselves. For their will come a day you will fall to your knees to look for that light of love and we who speak of Gods words are no longer around for we where taken to God’s kingdom to live eternal life. For the day you fall and ask for forgiveness from God! is the day you will see and hear all the words of love you chose not to feel and hear. God is great and he is good for he will not judge but let you judge your self for you hold the truth within thy self,,,,,



Love Joseph Agostinello 2,27,2012


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