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St. Uriel connection on this Christian morning, with a message from above.

Posted by JOSEPH AGOSTINELLO on July 12, 2014 at 8:05 PM

By Joseph Agostinello on Sunday, April 20, 2014 at 9:04am

St. Uriel - the Fire of God of the north spectrum white

on this Christian holiday,

I spoke of St. Rapheal, St micheal, St. Gabriel (its posted in my files just click and you can read) and for the last of the four Angel comes St. Uriel. All these Angels was given a special job from God to keep us safe.They where placed on the corner of the earth to protect us from harms way. There Job consist of keeping large meteorite's from hitting this planet call earth. The angels are protectors of the flesh and they are willing and ready to come down and help the souls who call out their name when their feel they is no one in their flesh life here on earth who can help them. St. Uriel is of white light vibration, with all these angels connecting to us St. Uriel is like a mesh combined energy of of truth and love! I really should pay more mind to him for i just realize he is always around and i think i take him for granted. My very foundation is of love and trust with God! I have never broken that bond and never will. When i heal others and St. uriel energy comes down it's direct to the point, no playing around! when you feel his white light vibration you are healed just a amazing feeling to be blessed to feel. I was Just was told, THESE ANGEL ARE OF ME (God) THEY ARE OF WHAT I AM AND WHAT I DO. THEY COVER THE CORNER OF THE EARTH AS TO SAY WITH THE SIGN OF THE CROSS. IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT AMEN AND WITH THESE WORDS YOU ARE SAVED. wow, I teared the energy was strong,,

I was waiting to write about St. Uriel but didn't know why till i awoke and was told to write today on this special Easter morning. This day is a cleansing day for our soul to reflect and understand what is need for us to be closer with God. We need to let go of some of our mental and physical attraction to earth's belongings. and take that first step closer to God's light and vibration. Amen!

St. Uriel's name means "Fire of God"

He carries the Sword of Truth for Soldiers of Christ, which we become through this sacrament. Fire reminds us of the descent of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost and the flames of the gifts of the Holy Ghost. It reminds us that our hearts should burn with love for God like the holiest of Seraphim, like the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. St. Uriel carries the scales by which we are to weigh our actions. It is also a reminder of the Scales of Perfect Justice by which our lives are weighed at our judgement.


Oh holy St. Uriel, come to our aid with your legion of angels! Intercede for us that our hearts may burn with the fire of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. Assist us in co-operating with the graces of our confirmation that the gifts of the Holy Ghost may bear much fruit in our souls. Obtain for us the grace to use the sword of truth to pare away all that is not in conformity to the most adorable Will of God in our lives, that we may fully participate in the army of the Church Militant. Amen


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