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faith, no fear in death for we never die for living inspirit is forever lasting life!

Posted by JOSEPH AGOSTINELLO on July 12, 2014 at 8:10 PM

By Joseph Agostinello on Friday, May 23, 2014 at 1:24am

May 21, 2014

I had a different experience helping someone and I would like to share my story..

Last week my co-work was worried about his mothers health. He is of understanding in what I do and likes to make fun of me on the job site,, (its ok with me, I am use to it) so I asked him if he would like me to check his mom’s health. He said you can do that and I said yes.. I asked him for a picture of her so this way I can connect with her. He didn’t have one and I was like no problem,, I went back to work and about 15 minutes later his father came to me in spirit and who has been passed for 30 years. I do have to say his father stops to see his son a lot at our job. I have done about 7 reading for just this one guy, I went back to work and his father popped in and started to show and tell me about his wife’s sickness. He wanted to help me help her so he told me what was wrong with his mother. This happen last Thursday and this Wednesday I received a phone call for my co-work and his mother went to the hospital. He left work early to run to the hospital and came back to work the next day saying he couldn’t believe what I said about his mom problems came out to be true.

The problem was he didn’t believe me when I informed him last week and didn’t tell his mom to check for this one problem. I let him know your mom will not let you know she is sick so its up to you to push her to get the testing that is needed for her to get better. My co-work who made fun at me for what I do started to tell other co-workers he couldnt believe in what just happen.. And is very thankful for what spirit help me do.. God work’s with different people different ways to show he is here and always cares..

This particular spirit connection was new to me for I have never had a spirit tell me and show me what was wrong with his wife who is alive and wanted so bad to help from the other side. I normally do that myself with god’s help.. =) but he wanted to be their for her and showed me. The last message he told me to say to his wife was,, “he will always be by her side“. His father has so much love for his family,, he put tears in my eyes,,, thank you God for this gift to connect and help others.. Amen


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