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2016 guide in the spiritual evolution in what is to come

Posted by JOSEPH AGOSTINELLO on February 2, 2016 at 1:05 PM

Energy guide started off in 2011-2014, to inform everyone about spiritual sickness, God is asking for use to walk in spirit as we walk the plans of this earth. I was told to help as many people as possible. To let everyone know. Spiritual sickness can not be healed by any medical doctors, only by power of will and faith. 2014 -2015 I was told to stop asking people if they want to be healed for they had to find their will to ask. I was told tribulation within oneself. Meaning self-truth vs white lies with in one-self. I was told people who dont follow gods free will to walk one path. Their path will have inner conflict with right and wrong. I was told they will have trouble controlling their true inner thoughts. They will be seen for who they truly are. they will speak with their thoughts not understanding why they would ever say what they did. FOR THEIR TRUE THOUGHTS GOOD OR BAD WILL BE EXPOSED. 2016-2017 everything before this plus more. Spirit are free to roam, they are free to attach to us. They may and can enter us, they may enter and control us. God placed all his warnings. For the people who has power of will for his true one path you will be protected. But it's up to us to keep our vibration high. We will be test and we are to stay strong in one's mind with faith. For the people who play with both sides good and bad. you will be on a roller coaster ride trying to hang on to your own thoughts and your own physical body control. The other day I saw someone just stand up and just start running.. he stopped running when he hit the wall with blood falling to the ground. They asked him what happen? He said someone pushed him. I told them spirit possession will be strong this year. So stay true to you and god. I am not trying to place fear in you but tell you the truth will set you free, faith will set you free, belief will set you free, loving thy self will set you free for god dwells in us not around us, he is part of one great big universe and we need to raise our vibration and connect, so he may enter us. So we can feel him AMEN! For all healers you need to have a buddy healer who watches over you and keeps you ground if their is to much energy around you. You will have to do the same for them. This will keep us all safe for we shall be test in this high vibrational spirit war.

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