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good & Bad spirit guides (negative & postive)

Posted by JOSEPH AGOSTINELLO on March 31, 2012 at 12:40 AM

March 28,2012


Who that says, the mind controls the body, for it is the feeling of the heart and soul of all, we are in a time where their are outside influences that are stronger then you think. Making you feel and believe in things that are not true. As that pilot of the plane telling everyone why live for he was told by someone that there is no truth in this earth and to believe in him and to trust in his faith to crash the plane. Do you think that was God’s will or he just didn’t have the faith and strength to understand the true meaning of why God gave us this place for us to live here on this plant here called earth. Believe me or not! there are spirits all around us good ones and bad one’s (negative and positive) and its up to you where you look and ask for help. All spirits want to help, the problem is negative spirits want to help for their gain and not yours as the pilot on the plane did. I work with God and his angels and with their blessing I can heal the sick but only if the sick has the faith to belief in our lord God Jesus Christ. For the people that I heal with no faith, get a healing of faith that last from one to five days and their pain comes back. For they are need to connect more frequently with the faith healing that is needed to completely heal. only good spirits reflect on the truth of it all. With the good I do with so many I help. I hope their, I leave a spark of goodness in their soul to lead them down a path of journey and glory within oneself right into the hands Of God.. AMEN!!http://now.msn.com/now/0327-JetBlue-captain-goes-nuts.aspx?OCID=MSNNow_SEM_Now_10001

love, Joseph Agostinello


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