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This is the place where you can call home to learn how to develop your Spiritual growth

and perform inner healing within yourself.

Spiritual Intervention & Evolution

Long Island, New York

I am currently working on setting up a location, as for now I can either come to your home or you may come to mine. If I do come to your home, I will start with an herbal room cleansing ,and clearing of any negative energy. Showing and teaching you how and why we all need to keep ourselves balanced and grounded. With that, and I close by teaching you how it feels to connect with god's gifts and learn how the healing works within yourself and the life you live. I specialize in many things but am more satisfied when I help through Energy Healings. 

God has given everyone a gift to never forget that he loves you.


Joseph Agostinello

East Islip NY 11730 Suffolk

Hours of operation:
7am to 9pm; 7 days a week, EST. Home Visits: are all personal and will be set on God's healing time

Contact Joseph Agostinello at 1(516)236-6890

Email address:
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