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This is the place where you can call home to learn how to develop your Spiritual growth

and perform inner healing within yourself.

Spiritual Intervention & Evolution


Quotes I would like to thank Joseph for going beyond the realm of possibility for taking away a negative entity that had overcome my life for many years. I was very blind and didn?t know why my life was so troubled, until I met him. He explained to me as a psychic what was really happening, and at first I was very doubtful, but scared of what might happen. Although I don't wish to call it an exorcism; in a way it truly was. He took this demon & set me free of its chains. Words will never describe how grateful I am to him. May God bless you Joseph for without ever meeting you and allowing you to help me, my eyes would have been closed to this day, & my life would have been full of misery as it was before. May God continue to bless you in joy and happiness. I also pray to God to help people open their hearts to you so that you and your partner are able to touch them in a spiritual way and help open their eyes. The only way we can repay good deeds is by walking the right path as God intended. Quotes
Extremely Thankful

Quotes i have healed with god's energy, people with physical sickness like cancer and so on,,, I have helped others with diseases. If you require my services, all travel expense need to be paid in full. My time and my work is free of charge. Quotes
quantum Physics healing

Quotes ‎2 da man who saved both me and mines I truley thank you from the bottom of ma heart u really r a blessinq n I'm qlad 2 have met u I'm very qreatful and I really wish there was somethinq I could of done for ur sufferinq in the hospital 4 me and mines your qivinq me somethinq that I always thouqht I couldn't have because of many complications and when minesz is actualliy hea he will meet his savior Joseph Agostinello Quotes
Miszunderstood Cynnie
phone healing for a young mother and her 6 month unborn chlid

Quotes "Hi, I would like to thank you for coming up with this formula for drug free pain relief for arthritis and fibromyalgia.. I received some samples from my son. I have Fibromyalgia and arthritis both so needless to say these packets come in handy and easy to carry in your purse just to have a few with you if and when you need them. I have gotten up in the middle of the night to rub it on my neck and lower back so I can get back to sleep instead of taking a pain pill and waiting for it to take effect. The oil pads seem to ease the pain real fast, my feet and ankles hurt a lot an d it really takes the out fast. Thanks again for your amazing product." Quotes
Carol, Nebraska

Quotes "I wanted to write and inform you that I use the 024 for my fibromyalgia and it is an amazing product. It gives relief for many hours and lets me function normally. I am currently on my third bottle of 024. I have purchased a variety of topical products such as Biofreeze, arthritis products, etc. This has worked and provided the most relief of everything I have tried." Quotes

Quotes to your product by one of my clients. After seeing how effective it was for her I tried it on myself. I just couldn't believe how fast and effective it was at relieving my back spasm. It is now a must for the majority of my treatments and it sure makes my job easier. Most of my clients have purchased it for themselves to have at home. We refer to it as "the miracle juice." I also love that its all natural and it smells good. Thank you so much for creating such a great product." Quotes

Quotes I bought the 024 Pain neutralizer last night as I was grocery shopping as I have pain in my shoulder from past frozen shoulder. I use essential oils regularly and thought that I'd give it a try. I could not believe how well it worked. Within 15 minutes my pain (ache) was gone and I was able to sleep on my shoulder. I will be buying more Quotes
Michele, Guelph, ON

Quotes Thank you for this product. NOTHING removes the pain like this. NOTHING provides relief like your product. It has changed my life and I want to share it with the world! Thank you. Quotes
Jamie, Mountain View, MO