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This is the place where you can call home to learn how to develop your Spiritual growth

and perform inner healing within yourself.

Spiritual Intervention & Evolution

Chakras and More.........

At this time of our lives we are being shown that we will be acquiring a number of more chakras. The higher we reach towards our own spirituality the more we gain through God.

 A beautiful piece of artwork found online, to me it speaks of the energy which comes through us from God to help others; which the western world calls Alternative Healing. We call it Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing, Vibrational energies.

"Below is a chart some pertinent information regarding the chakras. under this you will find a more definitive description on crystals, colors, and feelings relating to this chakras. "

1. Root Chakra- The color is Red. Crystals are Hematite, Black Obsidian, Black tourmaline, Red Zincite, Garnet, and Smoky Quartz. Stability, grounding, physical energy, will, and Security. Deals with anger, reactions,sexuality,physical activity,desire,intensity of experience, and immaturity. Also, passion, vitality, and excitement.

2.  Sacral Chakra- The color is Orange. Crystals are orange Calcite, Vanadinite, Carnelian, Blue-Green Turquoise, and Blue-Green Fluoride. Creativity, healing, sexuality, reproduction, desire, emotion, and intuition. Deals with productivity, creativity, artistic, adventure, urge to achieve and succeed, expressions, playfulness, sensuality, scientifical, structure, logics, intellectual, and detailed-oriented.

3.  Solar Plexus Chakra- The color is Yellow. Crystals are Citrine, Yellow Jasper, and Golden Calcite. Intellect, ambition, personal power, and protection. Deals with curiosity, mental clarity, flexibility,competition, and originality.

4.  Heart Chakra- The color is Green. Crystals are Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Green Aventurine, Malachite, and Jade. Love, Compassion, Universal consciousness, and Emotional Balance. Deals with healing, teaching, self-love, self-nurture, endurance, self-esteem, pride, socialism, materialism, organizing, goal-oriented.

5. Throat Chakra- The color Blue. Crystals are Sodalite, Blue Calcite, Kyanite, Angelite, and Blue Turquoise. Center of communication, Expression, and divine guidance. Deals with communication, love, peace, love, grace, unity, and depth of feeling.

6.  Third eye Chakra- The color is indigo. Crystals are Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, and Sugilite. Spiritual awareness, Light, Intuition, and Psychic power. Deals with awareness of thr Truth, universal nature, clairovoyance, unlimited knowledge, deeply spiritual, unconditional love, sensitivity, passion, and softness.

7.  Crown Chakra- The color is White. The Crystals are Amethyst, White Calcite, and White Topaz. Enlightment, Cosmic consciousness, Energy, and Perfection. Metaphysical awareness, expansive prayers, spiritually motivated, spiritual channeling, forgiveness, joy, freedom, goodwill, consciousness, and abundance.