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Spiritual Intervention & Evolution

The Coming of our New Chakras

Many people today are experiencing effects of higher energy vibrations within their auras, or personal energy fields. Resulting from an overall increase in cosmic energy rays reaching our atmosphere, this "extra" energy affects people in the following ways:

 "hyper" nervous system - feeling "jazzed;

mentally in "high gear" (but without positive effects usually associated with this - creativity, etc.), resulting in an overall mental "tenseness"

fogginess in thinking, losing thoughts, words

communication difficulties

feelings of tingling, skin "crawling"

feeling ungrounded, light-headed

not "in touch" with lower body

leg or foot cramps

heaviness on left side or head

neck and shoulder stiffness or pain, and extreme tiredness

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or if you are aware of the changes currently going on in the universe (we are completing a 2,000 year universal cycle as well as an even longer cycle, causing our planet to align with extra-universal energies never before exposed to us), you are possibly also experiencing a "shutdown" of the normal functioning of your first and second chakras.

Temporary Chakra Shut-Down

This is an uncomfortable and chaotic experience for most people, but it is temporary! Please understand that this is a positive experience, and will result in tremendous personal and group growth; however the transition may be a bit rocky. From my personal experience and my experience working with clients over the past three years, I've calculated the "average" transition time for this process to be about six months - if the client is receiving help from a healer and/or doing his/her own work to facilitate the transition - and about 1-2 years if nothing is done.

The energy changes started a few years ago and have progressively grown stronger, culminating in what I believe to be the last big "dispensation" of energy within the last few months. The previous six months have seen tremendous increases in energy vibrations, one on top of the other, resulting in a lot of symptomatology.

Polarity Process

Up until the last six months or so, the energy increases were slower and further apart and were more easily dealt with. In the last six months they have been intense, fast, and frequent. Not only were the original symptoms being demonstrated, but a host of new symptoms emerged which at first baffled and disturbed me. As client after client came forth with the same strange new patterns in their chakra readings, I asked for clarification and assistance in deciphering the meaning of this new occurrence and, of course, for help in knowing what to do to help my clients.

The result of that request was a channeled message and instructions on a new chakra alignment and polarity process. It seems that the energies have grown so strong that our 1st chakras, which normally have a polarity (like opposite poles of a battery) with our 7th chakras, can no longer adjust to the increased vibrations (their wave patterns are too distant to "entrain" with one another). The result is that the energies that normally feed our 1st - and often 2nd - chakras is being "pulled up" to the 7th chakra area (again, this is because the 1st and 7th have a polarity balance, like the opposite poles of a battery, and therefore their energy vibrations are compatible). This "siphoning off " of the 1st, and often 2nd, chakra energies results in a "packing up" around the energy field of the 7th and 6th chakras, and may extend to the 5th chakra and others on down the line, when the person does not find some way to release these "stacked up" energies.

Synchronized Vibrations

It is important to remember here that these are EXTRA (higher vibrational) energies and although they invariably will affect the person's personal chakra energies if left untreated, they manifest at first on the outer layers of the aura, and must be removed before a true reading of the personal chakra field can be obtained. These extra energies are "magnetized" to the head chakra areas because there they find the closest vibrational frequencies to their own, and they are able to entrain (or synchronize vibrationally) there. Once the head chakras are "added to" by these higher energies, the normal balance of polarity between the 1st and 7th chakras is thrown off and the 7th chakra begins to "magnetize" the energies of its opposite pole (1st chakra) to it. 

People everywhere are experiencing a temporary "shutdown" of their first and second chakra energy systems because of the decrease in life force energy flowing through these areas. Symptoms include leg and foot cramps, feelings of heaviness in the lower body, feeling disconnected to the lower body and problems in the lower abdominal area. Chakra readings will indicate a siphoning off of the energy here, or a sense of "deadness" or "emptiness" in the energy field. If this condition continues without being reversed, it may lead to immuno-deficiency related illnesses and a permanent shutdown of the 1st and 2nd chakras.

For most people who are on a spiritual path, there is no real danger of lasting effects, although the symptom stage may be long and uncomfortable if the condition is left untreated. Eventually the person's vibrational field will adjust to the new "blueprint" and the chakras will continue to work. However there will be some changes, I am told, (and my experience bears this out 100% with dozens of clients). It seems that the energies have become so elevated (and, again I remind you that I do believe they have peaked out) that the normal vibrations of the 1st and 2nd chakras are not compatible any longer with the 7th chakra.

Bridging the Gap Between the 7th Chakra and the Lower Chakras

Our 7th chakra energies have simply become too high for the 1st and 2nd chakras to be able to "bridge the gap" and entrain together with one another as usual. So now the 1st and 2nd chakra are polarizing with the 5th (and sometimes for more spiritually evolved clients the 5th and 6th) chakra(s). What this means is that there is a new "blueprint" for our energy alignment and this new blueprint needs time to become implemented. However, there are ways in which a healer can help speed up the realignment process. There are also exercises which individual can do to help. These are listed below. I urge you to use these if you are experiencing any of the symptoms described and feel that they are due to the increased energies and not some other (medical) condition. As always, you should see your doctor if you are uncertain.

Scraping Off Excess Energy

Healers can help clients by first "scraping off" the excess energy surrounding the outer field. I find that most of the excess energy is drawn to the left side of the head and between there and that shoulder (the left brain is more active in most people and "magnetizes more energy). Clients may experience neck stiffness and back pain if the energies have solidified there. Usually I "scrape" and "pull" the energies all the way down to the floor and out of the field. Then I "pull down" the energies all around the upper body (the clients' field feels like a dress that has been blown up over her head!). Once the excess has been discarded, there are often some personal chakra misalignments to be dealt with in the usual ways.

Synchronizing Left and Right Brain Energies

Many clients' left and right brain energies need to be re-synchronized, and I do this by magnetizing the energies on the inside and on the outside of the head from left to right as needed. Often the throat chakras have been thrown out of alignment and stagnant energy is lining the chakra vortex. I use a "withdrawing of energy" movement and magnetization to remove and discard this. Usually at this point, once the energies are realigned down to the throat area, the throat chakra will begin to want to connect its energy with the 1st and 2nd chakras. This usually manifests as a "circling" movement, with the energy of the throat (and sometimes third eye as well) creating a "band" of energy as I circle between the 5th/6th chakras and the 1st and 2nd, using both a forward and a backward motion.

If there are other personal chakras that need attention, I deal with these as the excess energy is removed. However, I have found that since the last strong increases in vibrations, most people's personal chakras are (amazingly) not as out of alignment as one might think, except for the ones being re-patterned. (It appears that the spiritual realm is monitoring the process and alleviating any hardships that they can in other ways. For instance, I've noticed that even though the realignment process is difficult, the flip side is that most clients seem to also have been given a "grace" factor in dealing with their other issues. A lot of the emotional trauma that we had traditionally been needing to deal with via more traditional psychological therapeutic processes has recently been able to be "discarded" energetically more often than was ever possible before.)

After the throat area circling, there is often another circling movement manifested as the client's energies indicate that they now want to "ground" to the earth as well. This usually involves circling between the 1st and 2nd chakras and the ground (floor). In addition, there is a need to "re-wire" the lines of force between the 1st and 2nd chakras and the ground. (It feels like the "circuits" have been cut.) This is done by using a very quick up and down movement alongside (but not touching) each leg, one at a time. (I sometimes think it looks somewhat akin to milking a cow but with the palms out flat!) This can take quite a while and does often have to be repeated over several sessions before it stabilizes in the new pattern.

Another part of this "re-wiring" is a "flushing" of the legs and 1st and 2nd chakra areas. Once the flow is moving, there will often be a "draining" of old stagnant energy from the 1st and 2nd chakras, This can manifest as a pouring out of old energy through the legs, and also as an "unwinding" or "backwards spiraling" of energy from inside the chakra tube itself. (This movement can also take place from the throat down). I magnetize with my hands and use the "spiral" movement while visualizing the releasing flow. Sometimes a purple color is manifested with this visualization. Also, I often see blue/green and a sea foam yellow/green color as well as the new higher vibrations overtake the process and begin to flow in. (These are the colors of the higher vibrations.)

Energizing Chakras with Energy Healing  

Finally, it is important to "pump through" the tops of the client's feet and into the ground, to remove any excess energy that might have pooled there. At this point, we often use Healing Energy to re-energize the 1st and 2nd chakras, since they have been devoid of their normal energies for some time and are often depleted. We also sometimes place energy into the ankles, knees (a big stagnation point) and as far up as the hip joints - but no further as this might re-establish an imbalance between the upper and lower chakras once again.

(Remember the client has been "top-heavy" for some time). This process will probably need to be repeated several times before the new pattern "sets." However, each time there is less stagnation and more of the new energy anchored. I suggest treatments of not further than two weeks apart until the client can establish a "holding pattern" on his or her own. The following exercises, which clients can do on their own, will help to anchor and hold the new the pattern.

Visualization Exercises

To facilitate the re-patterning process - with or without the help of healer - you can use the following exercises:

1.               Imagine a "slough off" of excess energies. You can visualize this as a lava flow, flowing down the body anywhere excess energy is piled up on you (often the left side of the head, neck, and shoulders). Alternately, you might imagine that you are a giant ice cream cone covered with hardened chocolate coating. Imagine that the coating is melting away and flowing down your body and into the floor. (It is thicker anywhere the excess energies are thicker.)

2.               Imagine "pumping" out old stagnant energy from your 1st and 2nd chakras through your feet as often as possible. Just visualize this at any time during the day when you think of it. Really try to sense the "flushing action" and eventually you will actually feel a pumping sensation in the soles of your feet.

3.               Imagine a circle of energy moving between your throat and your 1st chakra. Circle forward and back several times. (A good time to do this is just before you fall asleep at night.) Also imagine a circle of energy moving between your 1st chakra and the earth, again going forward and backwards several times each.

4.               Once you are sensing that you are flowing more freely, imagine a flow of energy up the middle of your body, out into the universe, and down the middle of your body into the ground again. Be sure to push the energy down into the ground about six feet to really "anchor" your energies. Do this only when you can feel that your energies are flowing freely.

With these exercises, especially if you get assistance from a qualified healer, you should be able to re-pattern your new higher (and more potent and positive) energies within a few weeks to a few months. Remember, even though this may be an uncomfortable period, it will yield tremendous positive results.

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