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This is the place where you can call home to learn how to develop your Spiritual growth

and perform inner healing within yourself.

Spiritual Intervention & Evolution

Christianity, spiritism and spiritualism

We are all re-born on this wonderful place called earth, so that we may learn and grow in what God intended it to be; there is no wrong or right in this world but a clear choice of belief. We accept all religions.  So feel free to watch us grow as we build our way into this wonderful world of sharing love.

Joseph Agostinello 

We believe in the healing of God's Love.

The further we reach towards that higher being; the more energy we can build up through our bodies and it all comes from God. Namaste!!!!


I received two cathedral crystals, Both of them stand two feet tall. The first thing we did was to clean and bless the crystals. One is made of brazilian ammethyst, the other is totally amazing, with the base of having signs of baby amethyst crystals being born, with the over growth of dark beautiful  Brazilian citrine cyrstals.

So we started our crusade to welcome them to there new home. We took a trip to the atantic ocean and it was a bit cold outside but a beautful day. We had to walk in the cold water of long island so we can cleanse both cathedral. The great vibration I felt just to watch these special crystals cleanse themself with the natural grounding of the sea. As this was taken place, cristina was recording what was going on. We went home and down loaded the video to our website. As I watch it, I called cristina to come over and watch the video with me and asked if she had ever had any problems recording before. So we watched the video to see a light color of a amethyst all around where i was cleansing the stones. I at first we tried to rule out the sun rays, Me myself only saw blue rays but never amethyst color looking rays. If you look closer you will be able to see hues of purple throughout the video, also surrounding me even though  there was no sun light behind my back or on the sand. Just keep watching the video and you will see the hues even with out the sun glare. enjoy!! We did!!